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Still the ultimate adrenaline rush! A flying sensation, free falling down from breathtaking heights with mindboggling views, only to rebound back upwards into the weightless feeling of the indescribable yo-yo effect.


With Bungee-Jumping huge crowds are guaranteed to gather, as people come together to watch the action and witness the spectacle: the participants' first hesitations, overcoming the mental challenge, taking the plunge with that first decisive step, the jump itself, the enthusiastic screams, all the way to their beaming and glowing eyes afterwards, adrenaline glands overflowing with joy...


G-Tech Events works with the safest bungee cord system available, including the patented break & overstretch safety line. Bungee-Jumping can be operated from heights of 20 m upwards, off of mobile cranes, bridges, especially apt buildings or roofs & more.


To bring you this adrenaline packed adventure, G-Tech Events is teaming up with one of the foremost Bungee-Jumping consultants, Alexander Raidt. His expertise and long list of references will make you feel in safe hands. He is the inventor of our patented bungee cord system, has organized several Bungee-Jumping world championships, and set numerous world records in several disciplines, including the highest jump from a cable car 300 m (1000 ft) up in the air in the Swiss Alps in 1996.


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1994: World-Record in Bungee-Jumping off a 250m (800 feet) high cable car cabin in the German-Austrian-Alps



1996: Second time World-Record in Bungee-Jumping off a 300m (almost 1.000 feet) high cable car cabin in the Swiss alps.


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