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The newest hit sensation which is sure to stop people in their tracks to check out the action and get in on the fun. A pool filled with FunBalls jumping, bumping, and splashing around just seems to captivate everyone's attention. As participants try to walk on water, running, falling, bumping, and bouncing, or just simply relaxing, a fun-filled atmosphere is created. Crowds gather, photos are taken, laughter and cheers are heard everywhere... few activities create such a dynamic, interactive link between participants and spectators.


Entertainment and exercise, fun and challenge for all ages!


Creative FunBall usages include:

  • Operations (stationary & mobile)
  • Special theming
  • Branding & publicity
  • Innovative games (competitions, races, special challenges...)
  • Shows



The countless set-up possibilities include specially made stationary or mobile pools, preexisiting pools, or any other kind of water area such as lakes, canals, beaches, harbor clubs, fountains...


public & private pools
specially made pools


To maximize potential, G-Tech Events specializes in elegant pool design, tailor suited to fit their surroundings and desired purpose. Elaborated only with the highest quality materials, pools are made to adapt to and even highlight local esthetics, be it outdoor or indoor, where no drop of water will fall out of place. Dry surroundings guaranteed!


We design pools with steel, aluminium, or wood frames, or as inflatables. Contact us to check for the best possible designs and implementation possibilties for your site.


Or check our more rides section for exciting FunBall spin-offs such as FunRollers or Space Balls.


world cup themed inflatable
aluminium frame
wood frame
round steel frame

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