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High Rope Courses


A spirit of adventure and exploration is in the air, as participants climb from one challenge to the next. A real test of skills and limits, making peolpe come back again and again, to expand on their previous experiences.

G-Tech Events designs modular High Rope Courses which adapt to a countless variety of sites and environments. They can be set-up at different heights in order to appeal to different target age groups, from 3 year olds to curious adults or even up to adrenaline seeking dare devils.


Meeting international safety regulations, our High Rope Courses fall into the following categories:

  • Free standing, stationary (with its own support structure)
  • Free standing, mobile (easy set-up modules)
  • Modular mounting systems (hung from roofs, above other attraction areas, tapping previously unused space...)
  • Incorporated into building structures (unique, customized integration)


Courses can be themed in a variety of ways in order to perfectly fit their environment, from rustic to modern space looks and everything inbetween.


At many sites, High Rope Courses open up market segments which go beyond mere foot traffic, thus actually drawing people to sites, who are not regular visitors. This includes manager training and team building programs, tourist excursions, summer camps, sports clubs, etc.


Contact us to find out about the best ways to bring High Rope Course adventures to your site.


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