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G-Tech Events offers interactive rides and attractions, as well as conception & development services for complete leisure areas in parks, malls, public spaces & more.


All of our rides are interactive! They stimulate active participation, testing skills, providing mental & physical challenges, and lead to high repetition levels. All of them are proven crowd-catchers as well as trend-setters in today's amusement market.


We take pride in customizing attractions to their surroundings and adapting them to specific target age groups in order to bring out the best of each location.


G-Tech Events runs all its operations with professionally trained staff and complies with all international safety standards.


Proven benefits of our rides for centers and events include:

  • An increase in foot traffic and length of stay
  • An innovative image for the center
  • A convincing motive for repeat visits
  • An atmosphere of contagious fun and enthusiasm



Still the ultimate adrenaline rush! A flying sensation, free-falling down from breathtaking heights with mind-boggling views...read more


...gravity defying jumps, self-esteem boosting experiments with acrobatic movement for young and old... read more


Dome Tents

Creative and truly multifunctional roofing for events, rides, or any type of activity... read more


The newest hit sensation which is sure to stop people in their tracks to check out the action and get in on the fun. A pool filled with FunBalls, jumping, bumping, and splashing around... read more


High Rope Courses

A spirit of adventure and exploration is in the air, as participants climb from one challenge to another... read more

Mowgli's Jungle Ride

Kids' eyes light-up with fascination and excitement as they see their favorite animals in action... big, fluffy bears, monkeys, tigers, leopards, dogs, cats, take them for a ride... read more


Zip-Line Projects

Bringing the thrill of adventure and the sensation of a horizontal flight to people of all ages, Zip-Lines are long time favorites at... read more

More Rides

G-Tech Events has many more rides to offer... Bumper Balls, Bumper Boats, FunJump, FunRollers, Mini Golf, Space Balls, Zorbs... read more


Conception & Development

G-Tech Events offers complete conception & development services for creative leisure areas, parks, playcenters, malls, recreational facilities of all types, as well as customized product solutions... read more

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