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Conception & Development


G-Tech Events offers complete conception & development services for creative leisure areas, parks, playcenters, recreational facilities, malls, as well as customized product solutions. This includes every step of the process, from the development of the first ideas and concepts based on constant client feedback, up to planning, theming, and implementation to finally present a turn-key solution ready for operation. 


Designs and projects are adjusted to series of parameters, such as site size, characteristics, locationsphere of influence, target age groups, desired purpose and objectives. Our team members are leisure industry specialists who are more than happy to contribute their expertise in order to transform your site into an unforgettable experience for visitors. Contact us anytime in order to find our possibilities for your site.



Adrenaline Tower


A unique, high-profile fusion of all of the latest trend & extreme sports on a spectacular tower platform...


Bungee-Jumping, Giant Swing, Catapult, Tower Running, Rollerball, Rock Climbing, Bungy-Trampoline, Rollerball, FunBalls, Helium Fligh Balloon, Zip-Line, High Rope Course, incorporated gastronomy... all around adrenaline experience for all ages!



Leisure Lounge


A fascinating landscape of covered domes, connecting tunnels, and open spaces providing a playground for any kind of leisure activity in a unique setting.


Restaurant, lounge and chill-out areas in an almost mystical ambience, stages & event spaces, incorporated rides & attractions...


...the possibilities are endless and the feel-good effect is amazing!

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