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More Rides


G-Tech Events has many more rides to offer. Here a select list of examples:


Bumper Balls

Hilarious action, non-stop laughing guaranteed, as the air-cushioned Bumper Balls allow you to run, bump, flip, land on your stomach or back, and then flip back around again in complete safety. Quick and easy set-up and operation, a perfect event vehicle!

Bumper Boats

Water and animal shaped boats... a fascinating combination for small children. Battery powered, various animal shapes, air cushions for bumping, and attraction in itself, or as a combo set-up together with FunBalls.



Bringing the vertical thrills of rappelling to new places... Glide down building walls, upper stories of shopping malls, resorts... a great adrenaline rush and exciting crowd catcher, without being quite as extreme as Bungee-Jumping.




Inflatable cyliners bringing similar action as the FunBalls... run, jump, bump, or relax on water in a true hamster wheel. For up to 3 participants at once!


Mini Golf

An ever popular activity to prolong visitor stays at any site. Great for outdoor operation in parks, open spaces around shopping malls, inside our spectacular dome structures, or even indoors.


Space Balls

Another FunBall spin-off... a ball made primarily to chill, relax, and enjoy the water's swing motion. An increased diameter as well as integrated cushions and pillows make for an intimate, spacey experience, like being on an island of your own... even in the middle of a wild party. A catchy gadget for events, hotels, resorts...



The original fun & adrenaline providing ball ride! An air-cushioned, downhill ride, or a hamster wheel, running challenge on leveled ground... attractive and versatile for indoor & outdoor, on land, water, or snow...


Plus, there are more rides currently in development. Contact us anytime for more great leisure ideas!

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