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Zip-Line Projects

Bringing the thrill of adventure and the sensation of horizontal flight to people of all ages, Zip Lines are longtime favorites at nature parks, adventure parks, mountain resorts, canopy tours, etc. On top of that, G-Tech Events has pioneered their adaption to modern surroundings, integrating Zip Line Projects into diverse building types such as malls or shopping centers. This brings an entirely new twist to the ride, as participants soar above the heads of astonished shoppers, by-passers, or people simply enjoying a drink while checking out the show.


G-Tech Events' Zip Line Projects meet all safety standards and are implemented with the highest quality, certified materials and procedures. Different heights, track lengths, and gradients can be installed in order to appeal to different age groups. A few meters will do for small children, while spectacularly high launching platforms and tracks of hundreds of meters length will challenge even the most daring.


Zip Line Projects will have specific mounting, breaking and harness systems in order to provide an optimal track in each environment. Different harness systems are available to enhance the desired ride sensation, either sitting-up or lying face-down.


Based on our extensive experience with adventure activities, the G-Tech Events team has developed a keen eye to detect the best possible set-ups for a wide variety of sites. Contact us anytime to find out how to creatively fit a Zip Line Project into your site.

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